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Application & Admission Process

Admissions Criteria

All educators are welcome to take Methods 1: Introduction to Online Teaching and Methods 2: Online Teaching Tools and Techniques individually.  

Educators looking to join the Certificate in Online Teaching and take all three classes including the Online Teaching with Practicum course must hold a current teaching license or be enrolled in good standing in a pre-service education program.    They must also complete the online CiOT application and pass a background check, preferably through secondary dissemination from another institution.   We will only admit educators to the Online Teaching with Practicum course if they have demonstrated excellent work in Methods 1 and 2 or can demonstrate they have mastery of the skills taught in those classes through other sources.

Application Process

NEOTI accepts applications for admission all year long.  Generally cohorts begin in October and March, however special cohorts are occasionally created because of unusual demand. 

The application process begins by asking for access to the CiOT Handbook.  After accessing and reading through the entire CiOT Handbook, please email info@neoti.org with your intent to take the program.   You can then start the application process through the CiOT Handbook.  

Request Access to CiOT Handbook

If you’re interesting in joining our Certificate in Online Teaching program, please start by requesting access to our CiOT Handbook. 

Once you’ve accessed and read through the handbook, please let us know of your intent to join the program by emailing info@neoti.org.