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Course Start Date(s): July 8, 2019, May 20, 2019

This course focuses on depth of knowledge through the application of skills, giving participants the tools to teach online effectively. Candidates learn ways to encourage academic integrity and explore tools to verify student work is authentic. Candidates explore and evaluate different ways to motivate online students, including through developing an online community using collaborative technology and real world application. Candidates explore and evaluate Web 2.0 Technology tools that can help deliver content that will be accessible to a variety of learning styles and special needs. Candidates learn about and practice with resources and tools that are available online to improve their practice, particularly standards based resources. Candidates practice with these tools by developing assessments to measure student learning. Candidates reflect on learning, explore examples, and practice skills to develop a depth of understanding of best practices in teaching online.

Course Details:

PD Hours: 45

Course Length: 10 weeks

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Course Delivery: Facilitated Online

Facilitator (if applicable): Jessica Leo

Price: $880 (VTVLC Partner School Faculty), 1,012 (Non-partner & Out of State Faculty) , $315 for (3) graduate credits

Please note: Any participant wishing to apply this course toward the Online Teaching Specialist Endorsement will be required to complete the CiOT application.